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Southern Sky Homes’s design process is unyielding, and we are always looking for the best designs, materials and craftsman for our products. We only offer products that we love and feel strongly about and yes, with a curated approach.

Our goal is to offer you classic and refined products with a cool on-trend attitude. We will juxtapose materials and styles, to ultimately offer you furnishing that can transform your space.

We are proud to offer our products for sale through Sykes, Inc.

Minimum Orders

Minimum Opening Orders $1000, Re-orders $1000

Payment Options


FOB & Shipping Time

New Customer Form, FEIN Dropship available (cust needs shipper)


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Following is the Catalogue for 2019.  Take a look at our product line and contact Sykes Inc to place orders. If you have any questions about our line, please call the Sykes order desk or complete the contact form below. Note: Some catalogue’s take a few moments to load.


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Please note : If you are a new or returning customer and have a questions about this product line or a specific product, please place the name of the manufacturer in the subject line.