Rustic Ironwerks

Rustic Ironwerks has been designing and manufacturing quality metal products for stores, hotels and restaurants around the world since 1994.

Rustic Ironwerks offers rustic home decor and gift items ranging from western and lodge to southwestern and more.

We are proud to offer our products for sale through Sykes, Inc.

Minimum Orders

Minimum Opening Order – $100, Re-orders $100.

Payment Options

Visa/MC Only/N30

FOB & Shipping Time

VISA/MC only freight approx 12-18%, 2-4wks ship time


Following is the Catalogue for 2019.  Take a look at our product line and contact Sykes Inc to place orders. If you have any questions about our line, please call the Sykes order desk or complete the contact form below. Note: Some catalogues take a few moments to load.


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Please note : If you are a new or returning customer and have a questions about this product line or a specific product, please place the name of the manufacturer in the subject line.