K2 home decor

K2 HOME DECOR offers a large selection of Beach and Cabin Decor items. Cribbage Boards, Wall Décor, pens and ornaments just to name a few.  K2 Home Decor prides itself on the creativity and craftsmanship that goes into every item.

We are proud to offer our products for sale through Sykes, Inc.

Minimum Orders

Opening order $250. Re-orders $250.

Payment Options

CC First Order Visa/MC/AMEX/N30 ($20 charge if order <$250)

FOB & Shipping Time

Orders ship within 2-3 weeks


Following is the Catalogue for 2019.  Take a look at our product line and contact Sykes Inc to place orders. If you have any questions about our line, please call the Sykes order desk or complete the contact form below. Note: Some catalogues take a few moments to load.


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Please note : If you are a new or returning customer and have a questions about this product line or a specific product, please place the name of the manufacturer in the subject line.